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When a wheel barrow and shovel are just not enough !

Fabric from AAA Bobcat & Landscaping
New for 2015


Our "Stay Put" landscaping fabric is a commercial grade geo-textile cloth that is very thick and breathable. We offer this product in four different weights with 4', 5' , and 6' wide rolls by 100' and 10' wide rolls by 300'. It has four main uses in landscaping mentioned below. "Stay Put" landscaping blanket is designed to do just that. Stay put and perform year after year. Call Barry for pricing and availability for your project.

As a weed barrier under mulches and rock gardens.

As an underlayment for gravel/ river rock driveways, pads, walkways, and patios.

As an erosion blanket to hold soil and keep it from washing away.

As a perforated pipe wrap for french drain systems and gravel cover before backfill to protect from sediment.